Newly Released Studies Correlate The Possibility Of COVID-19 In Urine.

Newly released studies correlate the possible transmission of COVID-19 through urine. Referred to as “viral shedding,” traces of contaminated urine become aerosolized and inhaled, allowing the disease to possibly infect others in the restroom. The place this is most likely to happen is around the urinal.

INTRODUCING: The WizKid Multi-Purpose Mat

Boy And Girl At Drinking Fountain With WizKid Products Antimicrobial Runner Mat Below Drinking Fountain In School Building

The newest addition to our line of antimicrobial mats is the Multi-Purpose Mat. A premium-quality mat, designed to catch any moisture that falls to the floor in a large variety of spaces throughout a facility. It was developed based on feedback from brand reps in the field who saw many opportunities for a mat of this shape.

The rectangle-shape makes it highly versatile at catching whatever falls to the floor. One of the most effective uses currently has been below hand sanitizing stations, protecting floors from any excess solution that may fall and leave a floor stained or slippery.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Antimicrobial Runner Mat

WizKid Products Antimicrobial Runner Mat On A Spool

We are all well aware of the challenges our world is currently facing; the need to stop the spread of germs and other substances throughout a facility is more prevalent than ever.

Your front line of defense against preventing the spread begins at your front door or any outside entrance into your facility.

WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mats capture and stop harmful allergens, molds, and bacteria, carried into a building on the soles of footwear. Unlike standard carpet floor runners that are a breeding ground for these unwanted elements, the WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mat is certified to kill 99% of germ microbes, slowing the spread of bacteria and stopping the development of odors.

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