Don’t Be Just Another Statistic…

The Battle With Odor In A Restroom

If you have a public restroom there is a constant battle against odor, unless you give up and become another statistic.

86% of adults equate the cleanliness of a restroom with overall cleanliness of a facility

When someone enters a restroom, their nose has already started forming an opinion of the space before their eyes can assess the level of cleanliness. Yes, we mean odors, and the battle against odors is a given in any restroom. The 2022 July/August edition of Contracting Profits talks about this ongoing battle and outlines the weapons a facility manager can use in the fight.

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The biggest culprit for creating restroom malodors is urine.

WizKid Products Are Here To Help You Be More Than Just A Statistic

As a facility manager, you want tools that work for you when you aren’t in a restroom. That is where the WizKid Products restroom solutions come into play. The line of Advanced Urinal Screens, the Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screens, and the Stingray Urinal Screen do their jobs in keeping the urine where it belongs, in the urinal, and also help keep the odors at bay for 60 days and 30 days, respectively. In addition, this line of screens has an enzymatic built into them to help keep the drains clean down the line.

Your other defense against what might miss the urinal is the line of WizKid Antimicrobial Mats. These mats don’t just collect the urine and moisture that falls to the floor and protect the grout and tile, but they also are embedded with a strong 30-day antimicrobial to break down the uric acid at the molecular level, stopping odors before they can become a problem.

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