Nobody wants to stand in pee!

The Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen

Keeps Urine in the Urinal

Underneath a urinal is called the hotspot of every restroom because it is where pee collects, stains appear, and odors start. The Splash Hog drastically reduces the splashback where guys generally aim. Ladies, the guys are not missing the urinal – they are standing right in front of it. It’s bouncing out of the urinal and onto the floor. The Splash Hog eliminates the splashback and deodorizes the room at the same time.

Stop Dribbling

With flushing or a little shake, rattle and roll, some urine will fall outside of the urinal before things are tucked away. The Wizkid Antimicrobial Urinal Mat captures the urine, stops the odors, air dries, and protects your floor. This is an essential product to keep floors dry and odor-free.

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