Your most valuable real-estate is only 15 Square Feet!

Do you want to hear a dirty little secret?

People are judging you and your business by how clean your restroom is. Win them over by stopping splashback with the only vertical urinal screen on the market – the Splash Hog. It reduces splashback and has a 60-day fragrance load. The scent lasts twice as long as any other urinal screen on the market, and it is the most effective at stopping splashback as guys generally aim at the back wall of the urinal where the Splash Hog is located. Nobody likes to stand in another man’s pee, and this stops it where it starts.

A Simple, Effective Solution

There is nothing worse than walking up to the urinal and seeing a puddle of urine – horrible. But we seem to do it every day. With the Wizkid Antimicrobial Urinal Mat, there is none of that. It captures that mess, stops the odors, air dries, and protects the floors. But more importantly – YOU’RE NOT STANDING IN PEE! The mat lasts up to 30 days, depending on traffic, then simply replace it. 

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