New Fragrances

As our quest to continually innovate and meet our customers’ needs, we have developed new fragrances available for all of our odor control products based on requests from customers.

The musk scent of Black Forest combines the scent of eucalyptus trees with the unique calming and clean smell of the woods and leaves of a southern forest, including fir, rosewood, patchouli, and cedarwood.

The fruit-forward fragrance of Kiwi Guava bursts with the aroma of fresh tropical kiwi fruit melded beautifully to perfection with fresh Guava.

Medical facilities and universities across the country are becoming more concerned about the fragrances their patrons’ experience. A study showed almost 19% of those surveyed reported adverse health effects from air fresheners. This study shows having fragrance and odor-free solutions for facilities is a growing need.

We have now taken the effectiveness of our odor-control products to the next level by offering a fragrance and odor-free version that also includes an antimicrobial to stop odors at the molecular level. In addition, this screen is genuinely fragrance and odor-free. It does not contain any scent that can affect someone who is fragrance-sensitive.

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