No detail is too small…

No detail is too small

to add a little innovation…

One of our Core Values is innovation, and every detail of every product is based on innovating and changing the game in some meaningful way. That includes something as small as the suction cups we use for our line of Advanced Urinal Screens.

Introducing the Tri-Cup Suction Cup

The newest innovate detail from the minds at WizKid Products. The three suction cups on a vertical urinal screen are critical to its performance and ability to stay up for the entire life of the urinal screen. The Tri-Cup is born out of innovation to make our industry-changing Splash Hogs an even better facility solution.

Shipping soon on all Splash Hogs and Mini Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen orders!

Bullet-shaped heads and foldable fins allow for easy insertion. After inserted, the fins lock into the body of the Splash Hog to keep the Tri-Cup securely in place.

Tethering the suction cups together assists with alignment into the proper holes and ensures that they stay out of the drain should they come detached.

Created with a deep inner suction base, this gives the Tri-Cup above-average suction and holding power for its size. 

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We went into our WizKid Products Lab and created a unique way to show how much splash occurs in a urinal by using ultraviolet lights and a UV reactive liquid. This video demonstrates the excellent job the Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen from WizKid Products does at containing the liquid and keeping the floor below the urinal clean and dry.

Click here to watch this cool video >

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