Antimicrobial Multi-Purpose Mat

The WizKid Antimicrobial Multi-Purpose Mat is a premium-quality mat designed to catch moisture that falls to the floor in a large variety of spaces throughout a facility. The rectangle-shape makes it highly versatile at catching whatever falls to the floor. The rubber backing keeps the mat in place, and the antimicrobial kills 99% of germs in under six hours, stopping odors before they start.

One of the most effective uses is below hand sanitizing stations, protecting floors from any excess sanitizer solution that may fall and leave a floor stained or slippery.


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  • PREMIUM PRESENTATION Carpet-like texture is a step above other mats
  • ODOR KILLING ACTION Antimicrobial compounds built into the fibers neutralize germs that cause odors
  • EFFICIENT CARE Prevents floor staining and keeps a facility cleaner in between cleanings
  • SMART DESIGN The rectangle shape is made for use in a large variety of applications
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE The fiber configuration promotes rapid air drying
  • AFFORDABLE Costs only pennies a day depending on traffic
  • MADE IN THE USA Proudly made in the state of Georgia

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Antimicrobial Multi-Purpose Mat
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