Two things you need to request from your Building Service Contractor before they skadoodle.

Mango Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screens With Black Original Cut Antimicrobial Urinal Mats From WizKid Products Installed In A Public Restroom

You already expect your restroom to be clean and smelling great by the time your Building Service Contractor departs. However, you know, moments after they leave, the level of cleanliness immediately starts to disintegrate. Mainly in the men’s restroom around the urinal where drips and stains are collecting and steadily spread all day long. It is a horrible problem, but it doesn’t have to be. You can stop that with two very effective products. First, the Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen extends up the back wall of the urinal and is the only vertical urinal screen on the market and drastically reduces the most significant culprit of urine outside the urinal – splashback. Plus, it has a 60-day fragrance, since it lives above the water line unlike typical urinal screens, it is more effective than any other urinal screen on the market. Turning our attention to the floor below the urinal, the WizKid Antimicrobial stops spills, odors, and stains to keep your floors dry and looking clean. The Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen and the WizKid Antimicrobial Mat are the one, two solution to a cleaner restroom in between cleanings.

The Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen and the Wizkid Antimicrobial Mat is the perfect couple to join any team to make your restroom all it can be. Both the Splash Hog and the Wizkid Antimicrobial Mat have won Product of the Year by the International Sanitation Supply Association. So, before your service company leaves ask them when are they going to place the Splash Hog urinal screen with its 60-day fragrance and anti-splashback features in the urinal and the Wizkid Antimicrobial Mat that stops odors for up to 30 days! Tell your BSC they can reach the team at Wizkid Products at or call (954) 323-2485.

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