A Second Chance To Make A Good First Impression

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“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

We have all heard this phrase as it relates to sales presentations, first dates, job interviews, or your American Idol audition. In the case of restaurants, office buildings, retail stores, and the like that have been shuttered for the past 6-8 weeks from the Coronavirus pandemic, this statement might not necessarily be true. As these businesses start welcoming individuals back inside, business owners have a second chance to make a good first impression. With fears of the Coronavirus still lingering, people will be on high alert as to the level of cleanliness and overall quality of maintenance a facility is demonstrating. Not only will they be looking at the steps being taken according to reopening guidelines, but they will also be highly conscious of the overall cleanliness of the facility.

This month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released “Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting,” a 9-page document to assist public spaces, workplaces, businesses, schools, and homes with their strategies for reopening when it comes to the cleanliness of their facility. This document lays out a three-step methodology; Step-1 Develop A Plan, Step-2 Implement, and Step-3 Maintain And Revise.


As a plan is developed, strong consideration should be given to products that meet the standard of stopping the spread of COVID-19, and also to products that also make a good impression with customers, these both demonstrate that the business cares about their personal well-being.

WizKid Products creates products that keep a facility cleaner in between cleanings. What does this do for a facility manager or owner? This allows the people tasked with maintaining a facility the extra time needed to take a facility to that next-level of quality that makes an excellent second “first-impression” on returning patrons. The majority of the solutions from WizKid Products focus on the restroom. The Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen keeps urine in a urinal by solving the problem of splashback. While the WizKid Antimicrobial Mats, designed for below a urinal and around the commode, neutralize odors and protect the floor from anything that might miss its designated receptacle. For areas outside the restroom, the WizKid 25′ Adhesive-backed Runner Mat and The Spill Mat, are ideal for any location in a facility where moisture management issues are a concern. These work in an endless number of areas, including entryways, below soda and ice dispensers, behind bars and cooking stations, and in grocery produce/meat sections. For those needing to take their battle against Coronavirus and other germs to the next level, check out the brand new WizKid Shoe Disinfecting System, designed to stop the transmission of the bacteria in a facility from the soles of shoes and boots. An excellent source to aid in putting together a plan of action is the Reopening Decision Tool provided by the CDC. For in-person help, a local Jan/San Products supplier is recommended. For assistance in identifying a Jan/San Products supplier in your area, use our Find A Distributor Tool.


After a plan has been developed, it is time to put it in action. Make sure cleaning is happening frequently enough for the traffic level in the facility. Ensure the proper technique is being employed and the appropriate cleaning equipment and disinfectant products for the type of business are being used. Don’t assume what has worked in the past will work now


Finally, maintain and revise your plan. As business levels increase and return to normal, make sure cleaning routines increase accordingly. Watch for new products that make cleaning easier or more effective to be released. This is an excellent time for creativity and innovation, with modern solutions are being developed almost daily.

We are currently in a world where people are longing to return to a sense of normalcy while being smart about ensuring the current pandemic is being appropriately managed. This presents an opportunity for facilities of all types, whether it is a retail outlet, restaurants, office buildings, or industrial facilities a second chance to make a good first impression and to show that they really care about the personal well-being of others.

Splash Hog
Vertical Urinal Screens
Cucumber Melon Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen From WizKid Products
Mango Mini Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen From WizKid Products
Lavender Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen From WizKid Products In A Wall Mount Urinal
Compact Urinal with Clean Mini Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen
ANTIMicrobial Mats
Black WizKid Original Cut Antimicrobial Mat from WizKid Products
Black WizKid Antimicrobial Commode Mat from WizKid Products
WizKid Products Antimicrobial Runner Mat On A Spool
Shoe Disinfecting System
Person Using the WizKid Products Shoe Disinfecting Kit In The Vertical Layout
WizKid Products Shoe Disinfecting Kit In The Horizontal Layout
Person Stepping Off On the WizKid Products Shoe Disinfecting Kit In The Vertical Layout


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