BSCs Stepping To The Frontlines

Can you smell it?

The unmistakable scent wafts through the air in almost every space you enter right now; usually, it has a tinge of citrus or a few floral notes mixed with a strong isopropyl alcohol smell. We are currently all too familiar with the scent of freshly applied hand sanitizer. Then again, you might not be smelling anything because you are wearing multiple masks trying to help your chances of not catching what might be floating in the air. We are all deep into a personal battle against Coronavirus (COVID-19), and Building Service Contractors have taken their places on the front line to defend against its spread in the facilities they service.

What does this type of situation mean for a Building Service Contractor? Not just for the Coronavirus, but any outbreak that has the potential of affecting a large number of people and needs vigilant management of public spaces to slow the spread. Some BSCs might become overwhelmed by the additional work in defense of the virus’ spread and the heightened scrutiny from facility managers to make sure their buildings are not adding to the problem. In Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, he advises that “in the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” These types of situations present themselves as an opportunity for a BSC to reinforce a facility manager’s confidence in their abilities as a service professional. It also allows them to show they have their client’s best interests at heart, not just profits, and that they are indeed a partner with them in business.

A BSC can establish themselves as a professional resource in three ways:

  1. Know Your Opponent As a leader in the fight, it isn’t a requirement for you to have all the answers, but you do need to listen to those who are the experts in the battle you are fighting. The World Health Organization(WHO) and the Center for Disease Control(CDC) are the global and national advisory bodies for these kinds of outbreaks. Additionally, the ISSA, the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, and the website are the groups that provide specific information for the Jan/San Industry. Learn to look for and listen to these credible sources.
  2. Mobilize for the Attack If you are continually listening to the experts and using them as “lookouts” for potential threats, you will be able to mobilize quicker than most. In the current situation, imagine hand sanitizer was the magic potion to stop the spread of COVID-19 completely. If you were able to purchase the amount you needed before there was a run on the market, you would be able to save money and have an advantage over your competition by being more prepared for the battle.
  3. Communicate relevant information to facility managers They say the key to a successful marriage is communication, communication, communication. This principle also applies in situations such as these. By keeping yourself informed with the most vital information and then communicating that information to facility managers, those who are with you in the fight, you will reinforce their confidence in your abilities to manage the battle as it pertains to their facility.
  4. Make adjustments to the current facility management plan As you learn information and you communicate it to your partner businesses, the final step is to make recommendations to them as to the best way to manage the situation. Solutions could be placing additional hand-sanitizing stations throughout a facility, displaying additional signage reminding individuals of their role to stop the spread or changing the cleaning solution you are using to make sure it is effectively neutralizing the potential threat. Whatever the answer, you must be willing to make the necessary adjustments to meet the issue head-on.

From the annual flu outbreak to potential pandemics, it is prudent for a high-quality Building Service Contractor to always be alert of possible situations just over the horizon.

Three methods of preparedness for a BSC:

  1. Consistently stay aware of potential developing threats Social media and email subscriptions are great ways to accomplish this task. Go to the websites of the organizations already listed as credible sources, and follow their social media accounts and sign up for their email newsletters. These channels will allow you to stay informed of any developing issues without having to look very far.
  2. Have an action plan ready Instead of waiting until a situation is upon you, take the time in advance to formulate an action plan of how you will respond in general to any potential outbreaks. Be sure to include who will be in charge of communication and what channels you will use, the assets you have available for a response, and then train your team in advance with your response plan.
  3. Use products that keep your facility cleaner in between cleanings As a BSC, your goal is to leave the facility as clean as possible when you leave, and then you hope that it doesn’t deteriorate too much before you clean it again. Many products utilized do nothing to prevent odors or potential transfers of fluid; you should be mindful of using products that work for you while you aren’t there. These types of products fight the battle for you in between cleanings, allowing you to spend more quality, value-added time in a facility, allowing you to walk away with a higher level of cleanliness and leave the facility manager much more pleased with your work.


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